The beginning you could say?

I guess I should start as to say why? To connect, let it be with people who enjoy my weird and unique quirks or to simply ramble to unknown people who may or may not click on this.

I guess you could say it’s nice to think, to speak. Even if it’s simply words being typed on a keyboard while I sit on the couch uncomfortably. It’s communication. Something human beings crave. Don’t get me wrong, I deal with it. Sort of…

Besides my almost 2 years old and the guy I’m attempting to see, I don’t get out much. Currently single mom, trying to function and take online courses.

I know cliche, but this is my life. I live it doing the same things, thinking to myself that “It will change, just give it time.”

Ever since we were kids, we were told that things would be easier in life if we did our school work, was nice to people and didn’t get in trouble. Well, I did that. I did the focus on my school work, try my hardest to excel but what they didn’t tell us often enough is that even if you put yourself out there. You won’t be noticed.

You won’t be noticed. Powerful statement.

So this is where I am. Stay at home mom. Few friends, actually only one. She’s a workaholic with no husband and no children. Currently working on a online degree, and seeing someone who clearly makes me feel alive again. Young, despite my age being classified as young anyways.

I ramble a lot, as you can tell. I have stories to share, things to experience and connections with people I wish to share. If you would listen that is?

I’m offering amusement as I try to figure out how to slowly piece my life back together.

Thank you for clicking, don’t forget to avoid stumbling into that wall today. You figure out what that wall is first.

Sincerely Honestly Confused and Amused.





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